Saturday Favs!

Hi, guys! It’s Saturday, which means random list of favorite things!

Today is books and clothing. Cause, well, obvs. Hahah! Here is another picture of my feet. For the sharp eyed readers, I moved desks too. Living large up in hur. Ok, anyway. Words. Uh.

These. Boots. I. Die. I got these at Target, little over a year ago, so of course they are not available anymore. Sad face. I wish I would have bought these in bulk, you guys. I wore these to Iceland and back. That is how comfy and warm they are. (They are Mossimo brand, and they have similar styles now, so go get some.)  I have some weird feet, so the fact that NOTHING hurts after trekking over glaciers and being soaking wet- win in my book. When they die, I die.

Socks! Smartwool is my jam. White girl can’t even with these socks. I have them in every color (and then some). I wear them every damn day. They don’t squinch my toes, make me hot or ride down until my toes have weggies. Win Win. They are a tad pricey, but total worth not wearing the heels out every 2 months.

Pants! These are out of stock in my size, so y’all can order whatever you want now.😉 I have never been so happy about spending 17 bucks in my life. I have 2 pairs (grey and black) and will have a hard time going back to jeans. They are cozy, without being actual pajama bottoms.  They have rear pockets and belt loops, so I feel less like I’m trying to be 16 again when I wear them. Adults have belt loops. Look it up. I also love that the crotch doesn’t sag to my knees, a la pajama pants, after a few washes. For you regular size people, they are actual “pants.” For me, they are ankle length/capris. Still cute.


Now more white girl things! The book seen here- pretty legit. I haven’t read any more of the “Lacey Flint Series,” but this one is a good start. It’s a little novel-y for me, but I’m not knocking it for that. I wanted it too be very much like GIrl on the Train, which it isn’t, but it is still a great read. Kept me interested all the way through. Which is tough. I have the attention span of a gnat these days…

Water. I know, I know. Y’all need to hydrate. (See the water cooler. FULL CIRCLE. BOOM.) I downloaded Plant Nanny to help with my water drinking during the day, and I heart it. It’s free, and super cute. It helps remind you to drink and the little plant is happy when it gets water. Try it, tell me how YOU feel when the little plant is sad and thirsty.

Last thing of Favorites! I ordered this notebook, it’s now one of my favorites. And I love me some notebooks. Seriously, the hubby has had “the talk” with me about my notebook hoarding. Everyone needs a thing…. any ways. This one is legit. The paper is super smooth and big enough to get your mitt on and write. (It’s a bigger deal than you know.) Some pens do bled through, so don’t use Sharpies and you should be fine. I love the little pics in the corners, they are great writing prompts or just cute things to look at. Ha.

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend!

Saturday Favs

Hey! Hey! lovelies. How is everyone doing today? It’s Saturday, and my source for the weekly “Twits” has been napping comfortably for hours/days.  I’ve given up hope he will wake up, so I’ll hit some of the cool, pretty, awesome things I’ve come across this week.

#1~ OMFG I LOVE AN OLDER ROB LOWE. Okkkkkk, I’ve been binge watching You, Me and the Apocalypse strictly for Rob Lowe. I literally cannot emphasis this enough- no idea what the show is about, not a clue who else is it in. Lowe never did it for me back in the day, and he does nothing for me in The Grinder. Most people would say those are some unresolved issues from my Catholic school days. Ask me if I care. (if i say yes, will Rob come visit me? jesus has done more ridiculous things, right? i wanna rub my face on him. rawr.)

#2~ This lady is my spirit animal. Carolyn is hilarious and says fuck a lot. I love her and want to stalk her, just a little bit. Check out her blog here, you won’t be sorry.  AND this lady. She is somehow ALSO my spirit animal. I love her hair, her puppy, her living room, her photos of abandoned buildings. Omg. I am fan-girling over these two ladies. They are snarky and happy and lovely. READ THEM!

#3~ Swimsuits! I’ve had the same bikini for, like, way too long. It was my only suit. In-laws have had full view of all my tattoos in it. It… Yeah…We need to upgrade right?  This three are so freaking cute. (All on ModCloth. FYI.)



#4~ A new tattoo. I HEART these three. So punny.


This one is super rad too. I cannot decided. GET ALL THE TATTOOS!


That wraps up this weeks cuteness. Maybe the twit will be asleep again next week too.🙂 Happy weekend!


Happy Saturday, everyone! Another day of job hunting, another day of twits. How can that not be a good day? Haha.

~”I don’t trust roof top antennas.” I feel like this needed a follow up question, or 4, but I think the open end-ness adds a little something to this statement.

~”Hump time! Half the week is over.” I sincerely hope he means “hump day.” Not sure why else anyone shouts that. On a Friday. At work. Where there is no one hump-able within a 9 mile radius. Questions I don’t want the answer to.

~”Leave us some extra bags. This desk is occupied 24×7″ OMFG! WE ARE ALL HERE 24×7. GET IT TOGETHER MAN!

~”My face itches a lot. The one point where the flaps go together, hair’s not gonna grow back there…” ….again with the skin flaps. I’m kinda reaching the point I want to see what the hell he keeps griping about…

~Making a phone call to someone: “Hi, this is Frank at the desk.” This got an audible sigh from me. We are ACTUALLY supposed to say ” Good evening, Network Operations, this is MC McCoolShoes, how can I help?” So, he was almost there. Poor clients… least they know we get desks, I suppose.


Final Exits


Hi lovelies! We continue our Bemused Bibliophiles series with Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die. 

Love it. Gave it 4 stars. (Only Hemingway gets 5 stars from me, so… it’s a big deal.) It took me longer to get through this, it is a little broken up, which is a weird issue for me. I get distracted easily, so I was jumping around the page all willy-nilly the entire time. Lots of pictures, sadly, not of “death” all the time. It also has a lot of actual side notes per page.

That is my one issue. You say “illustrated encyclopedia”  you better show me death, blood, open flesh wounds, every page, til the end. Not so much with Final Exits, but still a hilarious and borderline terrifying read. It will make you a hypochondriac, if you weren’t already. I highly recommend it, just be prepared to never leave your house, touch things, handshake, stay in your house, use tools, drive a car, drink water, leave your car, talk to people, eat food….


~”I’ve always been tempted to pack up and go back east. Since ’96.” Then why the EFF DIDN’T YOU??

~”He was only undone by the lady that worked for Don Smith. She was death walking…”   uh……?

~”She was a puffer.” Holy shit, please be a mildly sexist description of a smoker.

~”We had to eat at a Siamese. After 12 bottles of banana beer, he was oft.” Please note, Siamese = Chinese restaurant. Not eating an actual Siamese person… I hope. I also have no idea what oft means. I assume murdered-by-hooker. Also have no idea what the hell banana beer is. Afraid to google it, honestly.

~”To go into this room, you had to be orthodox jewish.”

~”I see George may once, every 67 weeks.” Why specifically 67? Are you counting? That is more than a year, do you know that… that seems like a long time. I don’t think you understand time. Also not sure you understand George is our boss. He works here. Ya know, as adults do, for money and whatnot…